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Marantz Releases Two Universal 3D-Ready Blu-ray Players

Posted July 24th, 2010 by Brandon A. DuHamel

This week Marantz unveiled two new models in their Blu-ray player line, the UD7005 (SRP: $899, available in September, replacing the BD7004), and UD5005 (SRP $599, available in August, replacing the BD5004) Universal Media Players. True to their “Universal” moniker, both players will playback Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, standard and recordable CDs, DVD-Audio, SACD, as well as DivX files in addition to AVCHD (high definition video format for camcorder) contained on discs or solid-state memory devices, and WMA, MP3, and JPEG files from either discs or SD cards.

UD7005 U1B Front Marantz Releases Two Universal 3D Ready Blu ray Players

The Marantz UD7005 will Sell for a SRP of $899

HDMI v1.4 outputs on both models offer Blu-ray 3D-ready capability. In addition, both players are DLNA 1.5 certified Digital Media Players that offer advanced A/V networking with PC, NAS, HDD-DVDR and music servers. Users also may enjoy online video streaming via Netflix and YouTube, with network connectivity to stream VOD content and as DLNA v1.5 (Digital Living Network Alliance), ensuring smooth content sharing among connected devices.

True to the Marantz name and reputation for building components geared towards superior audio performance, both models feature dedicated audio sections and the step-up UD7005 model features a 32 bit Audio DAC with high quality analogue multichannel audio output, with 7.1-channel capability.

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